Sea salt, Portugese

Sea salt bought in a shop near the water front market in Lisbon. The shop had baskets of baccalau, dried and salted cod. The pieces are wide and long and cardboard stiff. I thought I spotted a bag of dry crackers for dipping in an on board fish stew. My interest started with the book […]

Bad Oyenhausen’s salty springs

Postcards from Bad Oeyhhausen, West Phalia. The pigs remembered in this fountain lead to the discovery of the thermal waters. As they wallowed in a muddy field, the farmer noticed a crust of salt on their backs. (The story reminds me of the cows who found epsom salts). The king set up a salt mine. […]

Epsom Salts

[flickr album=72157624463361393 num=1 size=Medium] We found the well at the centre of a radiating development of low houses. It was enclosed in a newly designed monument and surrounded by lavender. This was the source of the famous Epsom Spa. Henry Wicker, a villager, was grazing his cows on the common during the very dry summer […]