Bread made with olive oil

To Bella and Tasha. This is the recipe for white bread, made with olive oil. Ingredients 500 g of white extra strong bread flour About 300 – 320 g of water 1 tsp of easy bake yeast 3 table spoons of olive oil 1 tsp of salt Use the best and ‘strongest’ flour  e.g. Waitrose […]

Gun Girls

Gun Girls. A short film by Victoria Harwood and Lucy Newman. 1997. 5 mins. Gun Girls is showing at the ICA on Saturday 14th Feb 2017 as part of the London Short Film festival programme, White Trash Girls, Gun Girls & Riot Girls. “All you need for a movie is a gun and a girl.” […]

Express Myself

Video 2016 During the working day, I often spend hours talking through graphic design jobs on Skype. I enjoy use the pictoral emojis. They are funny, expressive and functional and have a lot of admiration for the animations. So I have made the video This is how I express myself. The emojis and omnipresent icons in our […]

Love / Hate

Digital print. Part of Common Sense limited edition publication by Empty Space 2016 Gardening is a new subject for me. It seems that part of this activity is to nurture some species and discourage others.  The garden centre offers delights to be loved and cherished,  as well as methods of killing, hence the pages in the Common Sense book, […]